Encinitas –

Encinitas California – In late 2016, one of the most beautiful souls I have ever known invited me to her home in Encinitas. She welcomed me to live on her enchanting two acre farm, and kindly shared with me the wisdom and history she cultivated.

I learned what it meant to create prosperity: to place life in soil that would later spring into the sky alongside the intoxicating scent of blooming morning glories and juicy fruit. Our excesses spilled into the mouths of birds, bugs, raccoons, and friends who would, without fail, gratefully return for a break from ordinariness.
In this woman’s bountiful garden there was no such thing as time, only majesty. In its infinite space I became a wild girl that made potions of sticks and leaves, a fearless explorer, and an astute observer. I was a scientist of seeds and weather, and a barefoot five star chef in my tiny kitchen. We served up the meanest plate of community, curiosity and homemade pickles this town has ever known.

Laurel nurtured my entrepreneurial spirit, my inner compost queen, and the eco artist that unleashed herself over and over on the Coral Tree Farm stage. She made it possible for me to live a lifestyle that dovetails with the life booming infinitely around us, life that she always sought to protect. She helped me to realize my dreams.

She set an example that I will forever strive to emulate. Her legacy will live on in straw bale greenhouses, spunky farm dinners, happy chickens, and dried fava beans. Laurel Mehl will always be remembered by those of us inspired by her life as we uphold her vision: to celebrate small biodynamic farms, biodiversity, heirloom traditions, and the fabric of ecology that connects all things.
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